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Sometimes choosing the right type of capsule can be a little daunting. Should I go for one that I can refill and use repeatedly or what about the prefilled ones?

To help you choose, we have put together some questions you may like to consider before buying.

Refillable Capsules

  • Are you prepared for extra cleaning to remove old coffee oils?
  • Are you willing to stick to the same coffee to avoid cross contamination of flavours?
  • Do you have to fiddle with filter inserts and rubber rings?
  • Have you considered the food safety risk of multiple cleaning and re-use?
  • Does the multiple use of plastics under high pressure and temperature cause health risks?
  • Do they offer any savings and how practical are they? (Our advice; check other customer blogs)
  • How is the result in the cup? Do you get a real creamy espresso?
  • Are they eco-friendly and recyclable and made from certified BPA-free material?
  • Do you know where they are manufactured to ensure they are not cheaply produced?

Prefilled Generic capsules

  • Are you happy to be locked-in to the suppliers limited range?
  • Do you support Australian roasters when buying this capsule?
  • How fresh is the coffee and is the shelf life indicated?
  • Are you ready to pay a fixed price no matter what coffee is inside the capsule?
  • Are you happy to have "treated" coffee to preserve freshness?
  • Are you compromising quality for price?
  • Is the capsule eco-friendly, recyclable and made from BPA-free material?
  • Do they offer customer support and advice?

The Name Brand

  • How much do you value the freedom to choose your own coffee blend?
  • Are you happy to be locked-in to a limited range of coffees and pay more for them?
  • Have you considered the air miles to import heavier prefilled capsules into Australia?
  • Are these industrial mass produced and filled capsules?
  • Are you aware of the suspected health risks of ingesting trace Aluminium?
  • How fresh is the coffee? (check the dates)
  • Are you happy to have "treated" coffee to preserve freshness?
  • Are you supporting Australian coffee and your local roasters when buying this capsule?
  • Is the coffee in the capsule Australian artisan roasted or from an international industrial roaster?
  • Are you prepared to use a less eco-friendly capsule?

Capsul'in copy cat capsules from China and other locations

  • Have you thought of sourcing your coffee capsules from China, you may want to read this article ( view PDF) you may want to read this article and think again.
  • Counterfeited and unlicensed products.
  • Poor quality plastics used.
  • Unsuitable use of inappropriate plastics.
  • Unknown manufacturing standards.

Wouldn't you prefer to use your own coffee that you know is freshly ground,
using quality eco-friendly capsules that don't require cleaning or elaborate preparation?

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