Making a Latte using a Nespresso<sup>®</sup> machine

We welcome enquiries from coffee growers, roasters, wholesalers and retailers wishing to incorporate empty and prefilled capsules into their business.

Growers and roasters can provide their own beans, green or roasted for contract packing with a choice of branded and unbranded packaging.

A large choice of single origins and blends are available in white label format or branded to your specifications.

"Nespresso® machine" can now be added to the list of filter, plunger, stove top and espresso machine devices that can use your branded coffee at home.

For further information on above options please see our Capsule Services page.

If you would like to stock Capsul'in empty coffee capsules please contact us to receive wholesale pricing.

We also provide assistance to the retailer in the form of advertising posters, table talkers, and will work with you on getting the perfect grind for the Capsul'in Capsules to ensure you customers have the best experience possible.